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Our overall strategy is to invest in projects that generate long-term value, achieving returns well above our cost of capital.

Company Background

JINN Petroleum Pvt Ltd was established in 2016 on the basis and know-how of trading petroleum & petrochemical products.

fuel station

Retail marketing is core focus of the company. This segment operates, in both the volume and profit driver of the business and acts as the growth engine for the company.

Oil Depots

The main aim of JINN Petroleum is to enhance the country’s self-sufficiency in the trading of petrochemical and petroleum products.

Messages From Members

Mr. Asad Azhar Siddiqui


We have an incredibly seasoned team of Marketing, Finance, Supply, Operation, and Admin & HR who share a common goal: to bring value to our customers. We have placed a significant priority on the relationships we have developed with the people who matter most; our valued customers and our loyal staff.


Mrs. Saima Aamir Agha

Chief executive officer

JINN Petroleum’s strength rests on visionary leadership, technical expertise, and the coherent translation of business intelligence for the attainment of the company’s meticulously defined goals. We unremittingly invest in the company and our employees, proactively innovate to improve processes and results and strive to meet the highest standards of integrity and safety in the workplace.

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High Speed Diesel



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