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Since its inception, Pakistan has seen exceptional growth in petroleum sector. While market was scarce at the beginning with only few OMC’s operating now petroleum station enjoys multiple entities offering lucrative business opportunities. Demand of petroleum products has increased by leaps and bound and only in FY21, the import of crude oil surged 27.82% as it reached 8.66 million tons compared to 6.77 million tons in FY20.

While the business is lucrative it is imperative to understand the Dealership margin industry offers. Government of Pakistan regulates Petrol and Diesel prices in region. The government sets the margins they receive from selling a liter of petroleum products. They cannot charge higher prices than those declared by the government, which a government determines through approved formula.

JINN Petroleum provides perfect opportunity for new and old entrants to excel in petroleum industry. We believe Dealers are our asset and our policies revolve around them. Our vision is to be recognized as the leading Oil Marketing Company through fair play, outstanding performance, weighing employees as an asset and standing tall to our core values.


Steps of opening a Retail station with Jinn petroleum

  1. Application by dealer by mentioning his interest to develop site.

Dealer submits written application to Marketing team asserting his interest in opening dealership with company.

  • Submission of land documents to marketing department (TM).

Land documents including shajra of land and ownership details.

  • Company representative (TM) & Engineer site visit.

After approval of site TM and Engineer visits site to prepare tentative layout along with dealer.

  • Site feasibility will be presented to Management for approval

A cross functional team analysis site layout, traffic count along with feasibility to ensure maximum interest of dealer.

  • After approval of feasibility company will issue offer letter.

Offer letter contains commitments by company to dealer after agreement on terms and conditions.

  • Security fees

After getting dully signed offer letter, dealer will submit security and Joining fees in in favour of JINN PETROLEUM PRIVATE LIMITED.

  • MOU

Memorandum Of Understanding will be signed between dealer and company on stamp paper.

  • Lease

After signing Memorandum Of Understanding, a lease agreement to be registered between landlord and company for the period of designated Years.

  • Site layout design

 Company engineer will design petrol pump layout and dealer will apply for DC NOC.

  1. Construction approval

After getting both lease agreement and DC NOC , the company engineer will apply for K-Form.

After getting construction approval from respective authority, site construction can be started.

  1. K Form

After completion of site construction, the Explosive department will issue a K-Form.

  1. Company branding

When received final K-form company survey team will visit site for installation of signages.

Opportunities Await When You Get Your Own Gas Station In Pakistan with JINN Petroleum Pakistan

We ensure the highest priority to customer service and provide quality products. We aim to serve the national interests in petrochemical and petroleum-related sectors in accordance and consistency with Government policies. We welcome investors to onboard with us and avail the opportunity to grow with a high-profit ratio. Feel free to reach out at:

Request For Dealership
Request For Dealership

We’re on our journey to avail all viable national and global opportunities arising out of the Government of Pakistan’s liberalization policy and reforms with committed ROI.