JINN Petroleum Pvt. Ltd inaugurated its first depot in Sahiwal on 17th March 2018. The project is a joint venture with BYCO Petroleum Pakistan Ltd. The storage is comprised of two bulk storages with the total capacity of 2500 M. Ton out of which 1500 M.Tons is High Speed Diesel and 1000 M.Tons is Motor Gasoline. Upon its completion and subsequent third-party inspection, JINN Petroleum received its Retail Marketing License for the province of Punjab by OGRA. Eenhancement of storage capacity at Sahiwal Depot up to 5000 M.Ton is in process.


Hub storage is located adjacent to BYCO’s Refinery It was inaugurated on December 18, 2019,with total storage capacity of 4500 M.Tons, out of which 3,000 M.Tons is High Speed Diesel and 1,500 M.Tons is used for Motor Gasoline.


Dolatpur Depot is under construction with planned storage capacity of 2150 M.Tons, out of which 600 M.Tons will be used for High Speed Diesel and 1550 M.Tons is used for Motor Gasoline.