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Last Updated On Mon, 23rd June, 2018


JINN Petroleum Pvt. Ltd. plans to establish itself as one of the progressive Oil Marketing Companies in Pakistan. The goal is to provide top quality products and exceptional services to consumers and embark on a focused yet ambitious goal, in the first few years, of entering the business. The company plans to establish over 200 retail stations within two to three years.

The Retail segment will focus on establishing state of the art retail outlets across Pakistan. The main objective is to provide a total new experience to the consumer and customer. This segment will operate as both the volume and profit driver of the business and will act as the growth engine for the company.

Our first priority is to fulfil the requirement from local refinery production, however, any deficit will be fulfilled through imports of POL products after taking all necessary permissions.

On June 6, 2018, upon the successful completion and subsequent third party inspection of Sahiwal Depot, JINN Petroleum Pvt Ltd was granted permission by OGRA to start marketing of petroleum products in province of Punjab. The company initial focus to develop its Retail network will be in Punjab followed by other provinces of Pakistan.